Photo Album

My friend Penka from Dupnitsa

Penka and me in the central of Dupnitsa city

View of Dupnitsa, photo taken from surround hill

Forest closed to the city, Rila mountains in background

Trekking from Borovets to Musala

Looking down to Borovets from about 2000m

Musala peak 2925m the highest in Balkan region

Musala covered by 40 cm deep fresh snow

Refuge Musala about 2350m

Pyramid of Musala

You are meat a lot alpine lakes on the route to Musala

Some of the lakes are large and deep

The refuge at about 2600m with shape as pyramid

Looking down to Musala refuge (right-center)

South part of Rila mountain range

The meteorological station on the summit of Musala

Me on the summit of Musala, the roof of Balkan Peninsula

The view from the north steep slopes

The east ridge of Musala

The north view of the summit

In the area of Musala refuge

Peak Musala

Musala river

Lower into the gorge
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