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The train station of Munchen - Hauptbahnhof


View from Garmisch to Zugspitze

Garmisch, on the way to path

Reintal stream

The path inside the Reintal gorge

Reintal gorge

Waterfall in Reintal gorge

Reintal valley

The steep rocky peaks

My direction to the highest peaks of Zugspitze

Limestone cliffs

Reintal valley, the long route

One of the many bridges on the path to Zugspitze

The beautiful forest near Reintalargerhutte

Waterfall in Reintal at about 1300m altitude

Waterfall in Reintal, very close to Reintalargerhutte

Reintalangerhutte, from the way to Knorrhutte at about 1600m

Reintal valley

The ridge on the peaks is the border with Austria

The view to Alpinspitze

Hochwanner 2744m and Kleinwanner 2548m


Gatterlkopfe 2489m

Plattspitzen 2676m and Gatterlkopfe 2489m

Wettewandeck 2698m


Me in Knorrhutte

With the Nepali guide in Knorrhutte


On the ski's track

Hochwanner 2744m


Hochblassen 2707m


Munchener Haus and Zugspitze peak

The south face of Zugspitze


On the west ridge (German-Austrian borders)

The Austrian side

Munchener Haus

The Austrian cable car

Sonn Alpin


View from Munchener Haus

Eibsee lake


Jubilaumsgrat ridge

Zugspitze 2962m, from Munchenerhaus

The route from Munchenerhaus to Zugspitze

View from Munchener Haus

Hollentalrerner glacier

Riffelwandspitzen ridge

Jubilaumsgrat ridge

Jubilaumsgrat ridge

Sonn Alpin, from Zugspitze

Munchener haus


Munchener haus

Me on the summit Zugspitze 2962m

On Munchener haus

The west ridge of Zugspitze

On the way back to Sonn Alpin

On the west ridge (German-Austrian borders)


Sonn Alpin

Sonn Alpin with Zugspitze in background

Zugspitze 2962m, from Sonn Alpin

The church near Sonn Alpin


Zugspitze summit 2962m


Hochwanner 2744m

Knorrhutte 2054m

The entrance

Bockhutte 1052m

Bochutte, the node point

The path to Stuibenhutte, No 835

The path 835

The beautiful Diensthutte

Diensthutte, the spring

One of the small roads

Bodenlaine stream

Laubhutte 992m

Streichla valley

The peaks on the border with Austria



Lunch in the backyard of Eleni's house

Leaving from home

In the church

The party
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