IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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22nd July 2001
Finally to Tehran
The bus made a stop for breakfast 2-3 hours before Tehran. In front of us there was a remarkable landscape, full of endless fields, with no trees and very dry. On the left, a few mountains from Albruz mountain range can also be seen from the our point of view. The road becomes bigger as we continue our trip and the traffic too. We passed nearby the big nuclear electricity center which produces 2GWatts of power. We arrived to Tehran at 13:00 in the West Terminal, then took a taxi in the market area and started to look for a cheep hotel that would not cost more than 50.000 rials. We kept walking and wondering around for some time ( I don't remember for how long) till we found the Khazar hotel and decided to stay there for the next two days. This hotel is of cheapest in Tehran and that's why it is very simple, with share toilets and shower. The price is really very low just 15.000 rial each person for the night. In the afternoon I called Ali and we arranged an appointment to Khomeini Metro station. He recognized us easily and we when to eat something (as we didn't know where to go to eat) and after that we went to Damavand Mountaineering & Ski Club. Here we met the oldest mountaineer of the club and for sure of Iran.
Everybody in Iran behaves very friendly with us and helps us for everything we need. In the club they offered us ice-cream which was really wonderful and it was there where we saw the maquette from Damavand. Our plan was to climb Damavand from the classic south face but Ali told us that it would be better to climb Damavand from the north face and to go down from the south. Everybody agreed with his idea and Ali contacted a mountain guide and a car driver to take us there. And so, after a long tiring day we went back in the hotel to sleep and have a rest, because that's what you really need after the tree days of the trip from Tehran until here.

23rd July 2001
I short view of Tehran
Ali passed in morning from the our hotel. Today we'll have time to visit some interesting places in Tehran, the best of which is Azadi. We went by Metro to Azadi area to see the building in the memory of the 2.500 years of the Persian Culture. It's really enormous with his amazing architecture. It's as the symbol of Iran. After that we went to Tabrij, north of Tehran, to visit the Sa'd Abad Garden Museum. We entered the palace of the old king of Iran and the rural house also. They are luxury with big carpets and delicate impressive decoration. Then we went back to the city to buy postcards and to a mountaineering store to buy some equipments. At five o'clock we went back to the hotel where we had arranged the appointment with the our mountain guide, who was supposed to lead us to climb Damavand next day. Mehdi is his name, and we agreed to leave next day at 5:00 in the morning from Tehran. So we took a few hours of sleep at night to wake up ready for the next day.

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