IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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24th July 2001
Climbing at Damavand, Tehran - Nandal, Nandal plateau - Hut 4000
We woke up at 04:00 in the morning, at 5:00 Mehdi and the driver passed from the hotel. After a stop at Mehdi's house to leave all the unnecessary equipments, we left from Tehran. Two of us entered inside a small lorry and the rest on its bodywork. The trip was long, and after an hour we were driving always higher until the Polur village at 2.340m altitude. Here everybody was cold due to the chilly air in the bodywork, it was morning and very high. After some kilometers we saw the great mountain Damavand. Nearby Hazard River, we crossed the half of Albruz mountain range and afterwards we turned left and up to small road. Very soon a lot of dust coming from the road, covered our faces.
At 10:00 we pass from the beautiful Nandal village at 2.200m. We had a last stop to fill with water our bottles and we continued directly to Nandal Plateau, about 2.500m. That is really huge!!! There was the best view of the pyramide of Damavand. We took some photos. We left the car and begin the climbing at 12:00. The first hour we just walk on flat land but afterwards the ground was becoming steeper. After 5 hours of walking, Varol had headache and we made one stop for more than half an hour. The altitude there was about 3.500m and everybody was tired, but most of all Varol with his terrible headache. It begun to rain, but we were lucky as it stopped just after a short time.
It afternoon at 18:00 and we can not walk very fast, we afraid that it will be dark until to arrive to 4000 Hut. I walk faster and climb until the hut, after i went back to help Varol. I toke his backpack for some meters and finally all arrive in hut at 20:00 with a little headache. We eat and sleep after so much tired.

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