IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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25th July 2001
Climbing at Damavand, Hut 4000 - Hut 5000 - Hut 4000
After a long sleep till 09:00, we stayed the morning in the hut at 4.000m. Mehdi suggested us to continue with him for a short climbing, a little higher.
Me, George, Ilias, Jarda & Varol joined him. We climbed until 4.000m and then we stopped at a place where the path was driving across some water that was flowing from the glacier. We drunk some water. Ilias stayed there as he was tired. Varol couldn't continue an hour later. Finally, we arrived after 3 hours to the Hut of 5000, that is about 4.700m altitude. After that our psychology was upgraded, and we went back to the Hut 4000 without any headache and filling much better. We had a great dinner and took a rest during the night.

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