IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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26th July 2001
Climbing Damavand, Hut 4000 - Hut 5000
Varol wanted to turn back in Brusa until 30th of July, but we wanted to climb until the peak, which would probably take more than 3 days,and that's why he decided not to continue the trip and to go back to Turkey. He left with two Iranians back to Nandal village and then he probably took a bus or any car to go to Tehran. Only Ilias didn't want to climb to the hut which is about 5000m above the sea level, because he had fever, so that he stayed there alone. Finally we began to climb at 9:00 and one hour later we arrived to the place closed to the glacier which we found by digging the soil we found. We put ice in the bottles, but it was quite impossible for it to melt and of course it was impossible for us to have water for the remaining few days. At 12:00 water began to come out from the glacier that has already melted and finally we filled our bottles after filtering it. To say the truth, the water was very brown, with a lot of small rocks, soil and dust and that's why we put pills in it to be sure and to make it drinkable.
We made breakfast and after that Mehdi offered himself to take 3 bottles of water and to bring them to Ilias, who was still in the first refuge, because he didn't have enough water for the next days. We continued climbing on the way to to reach Hut 5000, and we arrived there at 15:00. We didn't have headache accept of Eytichis and we stayed outside enjoying the strong sun, trying to get warm until Mehdi came there too, at 17:00. Then we went all together higher in about 4.900m to make acclimatization and so we slept well at night. When we came back to the refuge, Rahim (Mehdi's friend) came and decided to climb with us the next day to reach the peak. We slept early after the perfect sunset, to be well prepared for the next very difficult day.

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