IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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27th July 2001
Climbing Damavand, Hut 5000 - Highest peak of Damavand 5.671m - Hut 5000
We woke up too late for this very long and tiring climbing until the highest peak. We woke up at 7:00 and begun at 8:00, so we lost 3 very precious hours of climbing. After one hour we arrived in one very difficult part of the climbing, that concerned rock climbing, a difficulty we had to face. We decided to climb the rock, except of Jarda who was supported by Mehdi by using a rope. After half an hour we passed the rock and we found ourselves in a good path and kept walking. The slope became suddenly precipitous and we got tired a lot as long as we kept walking. We had serious difficulties in breathing and that was because of the great lack of oxygen. We made a lot of stops and our eyes were totally closed so that we couldn't open them no matter how much we tried. We were climbing the small range which was the only way for us to cross the two big glaciers on our left and right. Without using crampons and jumping from rock to rock we passed that dangerous part and after that we felt the smell of the volcano which was getting stronger. I understood that we were near to the crater where we arrived at 14:30. We felt so much joy and hapiness as we walked around the crater that has a diameter about 100 meters and went to the highest peak that is 5.671m above the sea level. For first time so high!!! We couldn't believe it. George and Rahim also arrived after half an hour. The weather was going to worsten and a lot of clouds gathered at the peak. Mehdi adviced us to go back because it would be very dangerous if we stayed there more than half hour.
We begun walking very fast at 15:30. but unfortunately,(because of the little smooth stones on the ground, of the tiring trip and because of our moving too fast) we couldn't stand right on our feet as well, so we used to fall down very often. After three hours all of us passed that difficult part of rock climbing successfully. So it was left only one hour for us to be in the hut. So we had a short rest to enjoy the sunset after the climbing. At 20:00 we were back to the hut 5000. We found there 3 Iranians who had planned to climb Damavand the very next day. They offered us a lot of nice and delicious food, thing that we appreciated very much because we didn't have any special food for all the time we were up on the mountain. We felt very happy from the successful climbing of Damavand and we shared our joy with the Iranians till late at night.

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