IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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28th July 2001
Climbing Damavand, Hut 5000 - Hut 4000 - Nandal Plateau - Tehran
This was the last day of the climbing. Even if we were very tired, we were feeling great because finally we had done the summit.
Late at 09:00 we woke up and prepare our backpacks to move to the Hut 4000. On the way down, we met a group of Iranian climbers (17 members) which was directing to the Hut 5000. After 3 hours we reached the 4000 Hut where Ilias had been waiting for us. We met him and we packed the rest of our equipment that we had left there, and begun to going downwards till the plateau. On our way back, we turned back to say goodbye to the huge Damavand. It was 15:00, Avrosian was waiting at the plateau with the car ready to take us. We began driving back to Tehran. Few meters from there, we meet the three iranians, who followed us with the car. They didn't climbed Damavand because the weather was terrible and they just returned. With the company of Soye (Avrosian's nephew) the way back was a real fun.
On the way back, we made something really great: stopped in a very good restaurant and ate too much after the five days we had spent with almost no food at all. At 22:00 we were in the house of Mehdi trying to find any hotel to spend the night. We had no response on none of the phone calls that we made in several hotels, so we decided to stay in Mehdi's house that night.

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