IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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29th July 2001
In Tehran
In the morning Mehdi made a phonecall to Khayyam hotel and found rooms with 10$ for each person. Then we went to see the hotel and decided to stay there for the following days. There we had a long-trem rest and in the afternoon we went to the Federol square to find a way to communicate with Greece. Finally we found out that there exists one shop where one could make international calls by means of internet connection. It was very cheap and so we made several calls to Greece whereas Eytichis to Cyprus to learn when was his flight to Cyprus. The reservation was made for the 1st of August, the same day that we would also leave from Tehran. After that we called Mehdi, he came to meet us and altogether we went to buy some souvenirs and to the athletic center of Tehran. We also climbed for training. Then we had a short walk in the park which was near there and returned early to hotel for a good rest.

30th July 2001
Climbing in north of Tehran
The next morning we went to the West Terminal to buy tickets for the our trip back to Istanbul. Jarda made a good dial which enabled us to pay only 20$, much cheaper than the trip we payed when we came from Istambul in Tehran. After lunch, Mehdi passed from the hotel and took us to go for climbing with the members of the Damavand Climbing and Skiing Club. We went to the north of Tehran in Tajrish and therefore we made a long distance by taxi. We walked close to the small river where there were a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops. On the way we met Ali, Mitra (Ali's wife), the extraordinary climber Mehdi and 2 more members. In one hour and a half we arrived in a place with climbing routes. At first they made some warming supported by some dynamic mousic and then we tried to do climbing too, but it was really very difficult. Mitra and Mehdi are really very very good climbers.
Mehdi climbed one very difficult route which only he and 5 more persons had do in the past. After that we went in a restaurant and ate the nice iraninan food with chicken and rise. At 20:00, Mitra drived us to the hotel with her jeep.

31st July 2001
At 9:30 Ali passed by the hotel and together with me, Jarda and George went to the bookshop to by some posters about Damavand and Maps of Iran. Finally, we went to the Jewelry museum which is down of the Melli bank. It was really great, acountable diamonds, pearls, gold etc. Here we saw the biggest diamond of the world the "Sea of Light". After that we sayed goodbye to Ali and thanked him for the priceful help and information that he gave us, and I also recognized that Ali is an excellent travel guide. We turned back to the hotel to get ready, to make our luggage and to eat well for the hard trip that we would have to do. Mehdi passed from the hotel at 21:00 and we said goodbye to him and to Eytichi too because he was to leave at 22:00 to arrive to the airport because his flight to Cyprus was to be early in the morning.

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