IRAN  2001 - Mountain Damavand 5.671m
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1st August 2001
Tehran, Tabrij, Bazargan
We left from the hotel at 11:00 to go to the West Terminal by Metro. In the West Terminal Bus station at the time we were waiting for the bus we met a Kurdish man that offered us a drink. He was very curious to learn about Greece and showed us his interest to visit Athens next summer. The bus was totally empty. There were just the 4 of us and other 5 persons. The bus made a stop on the way to the borders before the big tunnel which was 1500m long. The next stop was in Tabrij and then there we were at the border at night (4:00). We got our passports very fast stamped from the Iranian and the Turkish customs as we were tourists, but on the other hand we waited all the night until the driver took the papers for the bus.

2nd August 2001
Gurbulak - Erzurum - Erzican
In the morning they drove the bus to a garage and then begun to unscrew it. They put out almost everything, and so we were forced to wait there until midday. From there we had a marvellose view from the Ararat mountain with an atitude of quite 5.165m. Finally they didn't find drags or narcotics, guns or anything else so they left us to enter Turkey. We passed from Erzurum and Erzican before the night comes.

3rd August 2001
Until the afternoon we arrived in Istanbul and there we got tickets from Otogar bus station for the our trip back to Greece for the next day. We went to Sultanahmet area and we stayed in the International Youth Hostel close to Aya Sophia church, where we payed 6$ for each one of us. We tasted kebab on the terrace restaurant with looking at the magnific view of the Blue mosque. Later we said goodbye to Jarda, as he would continue the travel by bus until Prage the very next day. A cold beer in the hotel at night was one of the things that we'd missed for all the days we passed in Iran.

4th August 2001
Istanbul - Xanthi
Early in the morning we left from the center to get the bus from Otogar bus station. After a long waiting inside the bus we left at 11:30. In the bus I met Stijn from Belgium and there I learned that he was going to Litochoro as a volunteer to work there. The bus made a stop on Tekirgad and then a long stop in the border for 2 hours. We crossed the Evros river and here we are in our favorite country again. At 19:00 we arrived in Xanthi which meant the end of our adventurous and fascinating trip to Iran, and then it was when we all realized how sorry we were that it ended so quickly.

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