Morocco - Spain 2000 Mountain Atlas (Toubkal) 4.165m
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14 of April 2000
Guimaraes - Lisboa - Badajoz - Merida
The travel began from Guimaraes the city in north of Portugal. I left from there on 13th of April at midnight, really it was 14th. I caught a bus from Guimaraes to Lisboa the capital of Portugal a distant about 300Km, all the try was at night so it was time for sleep. I arrived in the very beautiful station Oriental in the area of Expo 98 at early morning about 4:00. A policeman was one of the few people where spoke english at this time until the time pass for to catch the first and one train per day that is going to the city Badajoz in Spain. The train begin at 9:30, but the trip was little strange because I must change tree times train and the way id the railway going again north and after a log trip going south and passing from a big plains in the east of Portugal is going to Spain. I didn‘t understood that I went to Spain just only when went out from the train and one policeman ask me for the passport. My friend Axel waited for me and we went to center of the city to do a party in the bars with a lot of beers. We passed all afternoon drinking and we made the bag packs and al the thinks where we need for to go to Marroco. At 6 in afternoon we catch a bus to the roman city named Medira. Guadiana River pass throws the city and a very old Roman bridge going to the other part of the city. We was in Merida at 7 o’clock in evening but the bus pass from there to Algeciras (Gubraltar) late at night. So we had a log time to see the city and to go all the night to the bars until 4 in morning. After a lot bottles of beer we went to the bus station drunk and waited for the bus to Algeciras.

15 April 2000
Merida - Algeciras - Tanger - on the way to Marrakash
This trip was the second night where a passed travel and slipped in bus. The distance was bigger than I thought, Spain is really very big country. Seven hours of traveling we arrived in the city Algeciras with the big port. There are about four boots per day that are pass to the other side of Middeterian to Africa with a high price of the ticket 7.000 pesetas for two ways. A lot people and a lot of controls to pass this time the border. For first time in my life a pass to Africa. The boat embark to the port of the big city named Tanger. Few seconds since with walk to the Africa a lot of people (Arabs) walk around us and ask what we want for to help us and to give money. This is the thing where you must accustom when you have to go to any country in Africa. Everywhere, every time some people walking around us and begin to speaking in any language until to understood and to answer. You must be very careful because if you need something to know nobody will help you without compensation. The some is and when we need to go somewhere by taxi, We arrange before we enter to the taxi for the price and everything important, because some times is possible to pay more than 5 times more than the typical. By taxi we whet from the city to the train station. The pity was that we had to wait for more the 10 hours o the railway station, but in the end the time passed very well. We tried Marocian tie, it was great we drink tie every time. There aren’t alcohol in Marroco because forbidden from the religion so everybody drink tie. We met to girls from German and a gay form USA and you pass all this time speaking about the plain of the trip and the interesting places where we can visit. The train begun at 10 at night from Tanger and destination was the city Marrakash in the south of the country near the mountain Atlas. The trip was all the night 10 and half hours and it was my third night with slipping in the travel, the fatigue was big.

16 April 2000
16th April morning we arrived to Marrakash. The weather isn’t look like for Africa, but it was really cold and few minute after we arrived and begun to walk to the streets in Marrakash it rain. We try to find a place to leave the bag packs in youth hostel and after that we went o the center and to the market. Catwalks with a lot of stores where selling everything full of people, a big bazaar. In the same place there on street full of something’s like restaurants but completely different that every in Europe. We went to one of them with a lot friend from German that they went for to visit Marroco. Inside it was so small only two tables and a lot of insects around to the walls. The hunger was so big that we eat everything without to think. We found a hotel near to the center for to stay the night 40 dirchans (4$) per person and per night plus 5 dirchans for hot shower was the prices.

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