Morocco - Spain 2000 Mountain Atlas (Toubkal) 4.165m
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17 of April 2000
Marrakash - Asni - Imlil, Climbing to Toubkal 1st day
We stayed in morning in the city and begun at noon to find out the taxi where go near the mountain range of Atlas. Someone tell us but after that we had to pay for it, arrange the price with the taxi driver and we went inside about six people, I and a Arabian woman in front and all the other compact back. So we begin to the Asni village about 60Km southern than Marrakash. Because we had to go to the next village named Imlil from there we have begun to climb to the mountain Toubkal. This is the difficult part because there are no taxis to go to Imlil and we had to found a track to go up. I small Van, like a bus where inside there are sits made from wood and with full of luggage over it and more than 15 people inside. After a very strange trip passed throw the river and very bad road we arrived to village Imlil in 1800m elevation at 4 oíclock in afternoon. The time was late to begin to climb up to mountain, but we begun because we have a tent. The first kilometers of the path is very good after pass of the gorge where you can see the very nice village Imlil, and after that throw the sike without water at this time. The back packs were very heavy, the time passing very fast and the fatigue hugely. We tried to find a place to put the tent for to stay the night, it was impossible because the mountain was bluff, but we were very luck just few minutes before be dark I found a small place on the ridge, the elevation was about 2.400m. We put the tent, and we tried to slip, the cold is coming after the sunset. We were hot from the trekking for half hour but after that the bodies were so cold that I wearied al the clothes put gloves two pullovers a jacket and cap. I tried to slip again after some time of the slip I waked up cold and wet, The tentís roof inside was full of water from the humidity of the breaths. After that a left open the door to take away the humidity but after few minutes a layer of ice was inside of the tent. The temperature was less than -6 degrees, I went to run to be warm again and I continue the slip until early morning. It was really the colder night where passed in my life.

18 April 2000
Climbing Toubkal 2nd day, from camp to refuge
We begin in morning for the next stop to refuge in 3.207m, after 4 hours of heavy walk e arrived there. A lot of people and tents were there and snow and ice everywhere. With out special equipment good boots crampons and piolet it was impossible to continue to the peak Toubkal. I tried to climb up and at least I climb until about 3.400m altitude. It was great but we staid pity because for a next time we didnít have provide all the things that we need for this. We passed the night into the refuge and this night was cold but bot like the last because we were inside so it was better.The temperature was -12 degree during the night.

19 April 2000
Clibing Toubkal 3rd day, from refuge back to Imlil, Imlil - Marrakash
In morning we begin to going down and after 5 hours we were in Imlil village and with a taxi to Marrakash. I nice meal and two fresh orange juice I toke my miss energy for the travel back. By the same train that is leaving at night from Marrakash after some hours of waiting to the railway station departure to Tanger.

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