Morocco - Spain 2000 Mountain Atlas (Toubkal) 4.165m
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20 of April 2000
Marrakash - Tanger - Algeciras - Merida - Don Benito
In morning to Tanger. Back to the port to catch the boat where going back to favorite Europe and Spain. Every anxiety go away since I did the first steps in Spain, like to went to my home. We tried fast to find a money exchange to change the rest Dirchans to Pesetas and with fast walk to the bus station. We stay very lucky because there are only two buses per day the are do this travel to Merida, and one leave just the time the you enter to the bus station. In the same evening we arrivered back to Merida and few minutes after Axel’s mother appear with her car and take us to her house in Don Benito city about 70 Km from Merida. At this night was the anniversary from the epitaph of Christ’s and was really one of the most strange things that I have ever seen in my life. A lot of people dressed with purple cloth and with conic high hats. One night with very nice sleep and with a hot shower and good food it was enough for rest and to continue my travel the next day.

21 April 2000
Don Benito - Mandrit - Bilbao
Exactly in afteroon, after a shake hands to Axel and his family, I catch the bus from Merida to Mandrit. I arrived to Mandit but my final target was Bilbao in pais Vasco. I had already called to my friend Kyriakos to Bilbao, and he is waiting for me. By metro I throw all Mandit but underground. After a quarter an hour I found the bus station to the north Spain, and the bus where is going to Bilbao. At the same night late in morning 3 o’clock Kyriakos waiting for my in Autonomias Street in the center of Bilbao.

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