George - Photo Album No 1

Local people looking us and our stuff with curiosity in Peshawar

Panos at a small room waiting for the mini bus for Chitral

Departig from Peshawar to Chitral with the mini bus

In the mini bus to Chitral

Police station of Chitral

Athlete of polo with his horse in Chitral

Polo games in Chitral

Polo games in Chitral

Polo games in Chitral

Some rest in the yard of Chinar Inn in Chitral

Tirich Mir seen from Chitral

tug-of-war games in Chitral

tug-of-war games in Chitral

A small store with fried sugar snacs in Chitral

Main street in Chitral with Tirich Mir in the background

The river crossing Chitral has the homonymous name

Distribution and reorganization of equipment at the hotel yard

Awi Zom as seen from Awi vilage on the way from Chitral to Harcin

Tirich Mir seen from the way to Harchin

From left to right Nikolas, Panos and George with Awi Zom in the background

Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir

Express Servis carring slued jeep forf repairment

Peaks at the northern side of Buni Zom

From left to right George, Panos and Tirich Mir in the background

The only petrol station of the terretory, at the crossroads to Mastuj

Last adjastments at the engine

Police post at the crossroads for Mastuj and Harchin

Phargam vilage, Amir's house back yard

Curious lockal children welcome us in Phargam

Curious mopppet looking left

Curious mopppet looking right

Phargam vilage as seen from upper trail to Kulakmali

A few minutes stop for water and resting

Stop seen from hight

Little fellows from Phargam are following us at the trakking

The trail keeps on ascending

Phargam An at the midle of the photo

George is grazing the sheep

Peak P5900 (5913m)
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