George - Photo Album No 3

Unclimbed 6MT peak 6110 meters

Peak P5900 as seen from Ghordoghan glesier

The porters following us as they are coming for a first time on Ghordoghan glacier

Ground recognition from Nikolas and Buni Zom II (6147m)

Buni Zom main

Bumi Zom II

The glacier on the left, going back the rock is leading to Buni Zom North (6338m)

George in front of Buni Zom main

Porters walking and swearing

Invisible crevasses by fresh snow

Buni Zom main and north

An ice sculpture over 5 meters tall

It 's getting dark at the camp at 5100 meters

The sun is leaving Buni Zom is coming

Gordoghan Zom 6240 meters

Snowy slopes

The main bulk of buni Zom range with the highest peak predominating

Nice weather today

Buni Zom II (6147m) and III (6050m)

On the left Rahman Zom 6350m

Camp at 4916 meters

Geo, the tent and the 4919 meters

Peak P5900

Nikolas went down to the frozen river to get water

Peak 6MT

Buni Zom main

Buni Zom II and III

Rahman Zom

Ghordoghan glaciers going down to Phargam Gol. In the background P5900

Dark clouds coming over Geo

Buni Zom befooling us

From Camp, the way to Ghordoghan Zom

From Camp, the way to Ghordoghan Zom

Dawning on the way to summit

Dawning on Buni Zom

Nikolas on the demanding slope

Dawning on the slope of Ghordoghan

Nikolas on the slope

The cold rock of Buni Zom

Buni Zom II
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