Nikolas - Photo Album No 4

Phargam village

The two porters from Phargam to Harchin

Hosting in the teacher's house in village Harcin

The jeep from Harchin to Mastuj

Getting a jeep from Mastuj to Chitral

Back to Mastuj, where I found my passport

On the way to Chitral

Chinnar Inn Hotel with ouret foreigners that stay in hotel

Tha school in Krakal village - Kalash valley

Teaching outside

The girls students

Infront of the school

The boys

Pitsa, one of the greek voluteers

The boy is sining the multiplication

Kalash girls

Kalsh girls witht he beauteful custums

A Kalash girl

Kalashdur - the culture center is building

In jestahan - tample

View from Anish village

In Broon village

The young girl is cooking

A typical Kalash house

A clild climing on the roof of the house

Panos with the Kalash children

Nikolas with goat

The students in Krakal's school - Bumbouret

A Kalash woman

A Kalash house with a goat

Panos and Thanasis infront of Kalashdur

The womens are reaping

Anish village

Ayun village

Ayun village

A bedight truck in Chitral

Repair the road in Lowari Pass

Collecting snow

In Lowari Pass

It is very cold in Lowari Pass
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