Panos - Photo Album No 1

Mountain Olympus

Mountain Olympus

Samothraki Island

Flying over Turkey

Flying over the clouds

We are the only passangers on the flight from Islamabad to Karachi

Mini-bus station in Peshawar

Mini-bus station in Peshawar

Streets of Peshawar

Nikolas into mini-bus

Rixo - a typical taxi


Driving to Chitral

Peshawar's neighbourhood

Horses parking

Panos, George and Babis in mini-bus

On the road to Mardan

On the road to Mardan

A typical Pakistani truck

A brick store

A cart

On the road to Mardan

A typical Pakistani bus

Very nice road !

We surpass the other cars

A lot of people get in the car

A completely full lorry

Brick factory

You can see new jeeps too

Crossing a city

A village

Watching a football match

Getting the permition in Chitral's police station

In the police station - George, Nikolas and Babis

Street in Chitral city

Panos into a tea shop

Tha main street of Chitral

Close to Chinnar Inn hotel

Walking around Chitral city

Panos in front of the mosque in Chitral
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