Panos - Photo Album No 3

Trekking to Kulakmali with Amir and 8 porters

1st of June in Base Camp - Kulakmali 3950m

BC -Kulakmali

Panos with the nice view of surounding peaks

Amir came to Base Camp - Our kitchen

Panos in Base Camp

Panos and Amir in the rock wall

Panos and Amir in the rock wall

Nikolas is climbing on the vertical rock wall

Nikolas is climbing on the vertical rock wall about 50 meters high

The view from BC

Grass at 4000 meters

Flowers into the rocky terrain

The valley in Harchin village

Panos with the family of Amir

Babis and Panos near the electricity pillar in Phargam village

Phargam village

In the streets of Phargam village

Babis with a young cow

Panos and Babis are ready to leave by jeep to Chitral

Panos in the Chinnar inn hotel - Chitral

With the others tourists in the garden of Chinnar Inn hotel

The bridge to Kalash valley

On the way to Bumbouret

On the way to Bumbouret

Panos in the Kalash school in Krakal village

Students in Krakal school

Outside of the school

Panos with the teacher of the school

Nikolas offering biscuits to the students

Getting a photo from the students

Singing the multiplication

Singing the multiplication

Krakal village

The lesson has finished

The students are leaving

Kalash girls

Panos into a Jestahan tample

Panos in the door of Jestahan

The square of Krakal village
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