Pakistan  2002 - Expedition to Mountain Buni Zom 6551m
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Wednesday 17th July 2002: Harchin village
We couldn't wake up early in the morning, so that we lost the jeep that was going to Chitral City. George woke up with stomachache and we preferred to stay there for one more day. The families were very friendly and offered us everything. We played with the children, the house looked like a school. At the time that we were in the house we never saw any woman. The women were hidden into the kitchen and just cooking, nobody could see them. They're used to living their lives hidding from the sight of people (mainly from men) just like prisoners. This is one of the worst ideas of Muslims.

Thursday 18th July 2002: Harchin village - Chitral
The alarm rang at 5:00. Just a few minutes later a jeep passed outside of the house. The teacher told the driver to wait for us. The trip took six hours, We were on the car's body with a lot of people together in the car. At noon we arrived in Chitral City and we rent a room in the Tourist lodge hotel. From the telegraph center we made phone calls to Greece, to inform that we were alright. Here we meat Usman and he told to us that we could stay at his home. In the afternoon we got a view of Chitral which was almost one road with shops from one side to the other. The Chitral River was full of water that comes from the glaciers. We were stopping every now and then to see the beautiful view of blank Tirich Mir.

Friday 19th July 2002: Chitral city
In the morning Usman passed with a car from the hotel and picked up our equipment at his house, where we would pass the next night. We passed all day long around the city and washing our clothes. At the evening Usman catched a jeep and with some more persons we went along to Chitral River, half hour away from the city. Here in the afternoon the Markhor animals were coming to drink water from the river. We saw some but they were quite far, because we went there with a delay. Markhor are leaving into Chitral National Park which is the only area where someone can meet them because there are less than 600 all over the world.
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