Pakistan  2002 - Expedition to Mountain Buni Zom 6551m
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Saturday 20th July 2002: Chitral - Brun (Bomburet valleys) Kalash
By jeep late in morning we left from Chitral to Kalash villages. In two hours by jeep we could reach the three valleys. We found a hotel to stay at night, and in the afternoon I met the two Greeks volunteers (Pitsa and Thanasis) who work there every year. In the evening we went on foot to the next village of the valley, to Karakal. At the faucet of the village (built by the Greek volunteers) we met Shar Khan a young Kalas whom we'd met by chance at the telephone center of Chitral. He introduced us to Kesar a fellow who lives in Greece where he studies (Athens) and who speak very well Greek language

Sunday 21st July 2002: A walk around the villages of the Bomburet valley
In the morning we met Shar Khan in the Krakal village and he made us an introduction to his village. Started from Jestahan where there is the chamber of ceremonies and celebrations but is also the place where funerals use to be made in winter months. The cemetery is the most impressing, because until a few years ago they didn't use to burry their dead but simply leave them in the courtyard inside of a wooden case. The **** is a place in every village where women are not allowed to approach and is settled on the highest place among each village and on any large cliff/rock. Among the Krakal village there is a rock/cliff where stepped God Appolon in his horse when he visited the valley. In the evening we visited the last village of the valley, where don't live Kalas but Muslims and where they live mainly by fishing. At the night there was a party at the square of Brun village. Girls were dancing and the boys followed them. A crowd of horrible Muslims appeared to watch the women dancing, as theirs were locked at home. We had a stomachache after the water we drank, the apricots and the food we ate at the new hotel where we went, the Ispata Inn. We passed the night awake from the stomachache and fewer.

Monday 22nd July 2002: I am with high temperature
We passed all the night with non stop vomit and high fewer more than 39C. The aspirin and the other antibiotics we had couldn't beat the fewer. George was ill, but a bit better than me. We passed all the day without eating anything, drinking water only. George killed a spider of huge dimensions which was above my bed, but there was still threat and danger for our residence in Pakistan. In the our hotel, stay George, a Greek immigrate in Australia from where he came to see the Kalash.

Tuesday 23rd July 2002: I am with high temperature
We passed an other day in bed, but the temperature began to fall in the afternoon after we took the medicines Pitsa gave us. Everything seemed to become better and that day we ate something trying to regain some of the force we lost. That day two Greeks came, Maria and Kosta. Maria had been for years a volunteer of the Kalash.

Wednesday 24th July 2002: Getting better
Today we were much better that the last days. In the morning we went to watch the games that were these days in Boumburet valley. There were running games and battle. Also, two teams with their horses, fight each other for which will get a dead cheap. At the afternoon we bought typical Chitrali clothes to dress them, because we are the aim of fanatic Muslims and Taliban.

Thursday 25th July 2002: A view of Roumbur valley
As we arranged and made a deal about the jeep that would take us to the Roumbur valley. Since the last day, we left at about 10:00 towards the most original valley of Kalash, which hadn't been affected from the tourism, as a few touorists visit it. Our group's members were the two of u, Kostas and George and we brought with us Kesar too as a guide. We passed by a funeral ceremony in the Grom village, for a woman who died as she fell off a tree. The village is settled on the abrupt slope of the valley from where there are a wonderful panoramic view. We trekked nearby the river till far above crossing even the last village of the valley. In the afternoon we went back to Brun, because this is the last night in the valleys, as we'd to get prepared for our return to Chitral the very next day.

Friday 26th July 2002: From the Bombouret valley to Chitral
Without waiting too long in the morning, we found a jeep to take us to Chitral. Though the jeep was empty, as we traveled a few kilometers only, it filled with travelers. Passing from the narrow road which are handmade, nearby the threatening waters of the river at 10:00 in the morning we arrive in Chitral. As we arrived in Chitral went to the Chinar Inn hotel to stay for the night. Our plan was to leave early in the morning and go to the Timargara town, and from there to find another vehicle to go to the capital Islamabad. After we accommodated ourselves in the hotel's rooms, went directly at Usman's house to get our luggage which we'd left there. We too them except of a tent about which we'd agreed to sell to him for 2000 rupees, money we never got. We passed noon in the hotel and walking around the city.
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