Pakistan  2002 - Expedition to Mountain Buni Zom 6551m
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Saturday 27th July 2002: From Chitral to Timargara and after to Rawalpibdi
We had been waiting for the mini bus to be full with passengers and at about 7:30 we left from Chitral. When we were reaching the Lowari Pass the road became very steep and the mini bus stopped many times due to overheating. On each stop a young man was getting off the bus roof, were he had been sitting with the luggage, and put a stone behind a wheel to brake the bus. On some instances a few passengers had been getting of the bus and walking for some meters in order to lighten the bus. At about 15:00 we reached Timargara. We had been waiting for some time, until we found the bus to Rawalpindi. Three Pakistani students and fanatic Muslims reached us and insisted on asking about our religion. The trip to Rawalpindi was very tiring. We had been jammed for ten hours in the small seats of the bus. Round midnight we took a taxi from Rawalpindi to Moein's house, to take some things we had left there. When we got there, a man, we saw for a first time, answered the door. He refused to give us our things back saying that the boys were not at home, their room is locked and other excuses. It was late at night and we were very tired, so we told him that we would be back next morning with the police and the Greek ambassador, and left for a hotel.

Sunday 28th July 2002: Islamabad
We woke up early in the morning and tried to reach the Greek ambassador but unfortunately it was difficult to find him because it was Sunday. We took a taxi and went to Moein's house again. The taxi driver was very friendly and we told him our problem. He promised to help us. Finally our supposed friends returned us all our stuff and we got back to the hotel. In the evening we took the same taxi driver (Arshan) and went to the stores of Islamabad for souvenirs and postcards.

Monday 29th July 2002: Islamabad - Karachi.
Our taxi driver Arshan was on time out of our hotel to take us to the airport. On the way to the airport some policemen stopped us and asked for alcohol. This is something usual for foreigners, because they are believed to carry liquor and the policemen take advantage of it. We should be early for check in at the airport of Islamabad, because even though we had tickets, it is common not to find a seat. Flying over Pakistan we were watching the vast, sterile and deserted areas. There were no towns and no roads. When we got to Karachi the P.I.A. head officer drove us with a taxi to a luxurious first class hotel. There we spend the night waiting for our next flight back to Greece.

Tuesday 30nd July 2002: Return to Greece
We were awaked early in the morning we were taken back to the international airport of Karachi, where we took the next plane to Greece. Waiting to check in at the airport we met Yoko from Japan. She was traveling with P.I.A. from Tokyo via Beijing, Islamabad, Karachi to Athens.
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