Photo Album No 4

Nikolas at the intermidiate camp

The Pargam Pass 8km away

The intermidiate camp

A net of torrents combining to one vast in the Phargam Col

Bad weather in intermidiate camp

A 5300m peak on the other side of the col

A glacier covered with rocks and soil due to landslides and rock-weathering


Rock covered glacier

Phargam Pass

Gordoghan Glasier and Gordoghan Peak 6240m

A big torrent in Phargam Col

A peak 5913m

Phargam Pass 5046m

The peak 5913m with the steep glacier

The peak 5913m covered with clouds in bad weather

Almost vertical rocks on both sides of Phargam Col

George at the Base camp in Kulakmali

Base camp and Phargam Pass at the back

Peaks surounding Kulakmali

Nikolas at Base camp

Nikolas near our sleeping tent

The first part of almost vertical rocks that leads to Khorabohrt glacier

A view from a high point of base camp towards another pass

A view from a high point of base camp towards another pass

Nikolas on the climbing part to Khorabohrt glacier

Almost 100m of climbing on this rock lead to Khorabohrt glacier

The base camp is situated on the fallen rocks at the beginning of the huge slope

"From right to left: George, a member of the Pakistani expedition, Sherazi (the leader of the expedition), you are my brother guy"

A party the night before the departure of the Pakistani expedition

"You are my broter guy, dancing"

"Everybody is freezing, George is ok"

"The climbing in mixed field, over 500m, that leads to Khorabohrt glacier"

Vertical rocks surounding the high peaks

The base camp is on the left side of the fallen rocks

Another aspect of the wall leading to Khorabohrt glacier

Bushes and grass near the brooks at 4000m

The base camp as seen from the path to the Phargam Pass

George on the way to the Phargam Pass

The extencive rock weathering
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