Pakistan  2006 - Expedition to Mountain Tirich Mir
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Sunday of 20 August 2006: Rest in Base Camp, preperation for the return
We were resting and organising the material waiting for the porters to come in the camp. We had asked 13 persons to come and help us but finally came 15, so the charge that each one of them would carry was smaller. They arrived at the camp at 5 pm.

Monday 21 August 2006: From Base Camp to Sheniak
At 7:00 the porters took the material and returned. Three hours later we reached in the Shaghor Biasom where we rested for one hour. We descended the long glacier and at 16:00 we arrived at Sheniak. We slept outside but during the night it started rainning and the porters setted up the big tent.

Tuesday 22 August 2006: Return in the culture, Shagrom and Chitral
At 7:00 we continued the course to Shagrom. We reached Bandok passing through difficult passages. Finally at 10:30 we arrived at Shagrom and gathered in the camping. Porters arrived a little later. We paid them and they offered us a lot of abricots. Later we were tranported to Chitral with jeep. The driver was driving very fast. Mihalis and me were enjoying the way.

Wednesday 23 August 2006: Rest in Chitral
In the morning we walked and meet Razaq. In the hotel we met a pair of French in pension that were travelling by bycicles.

Thursday 24 August 2006: From Chitral to Bumburet valley (Kalash)
In the morning we relaxed in the hotel before travelling to the valleys of Kalas. Unfortunately we had to wait enough time in the station of vehicles until the bus was crowded. It was a beautiful way there was a lot of world in the vehicle. We stopped in the Kalashdur where we met Liana, Maria and Thanasis. There was also the doctors of world Sokratis and Christina and a team of 7 Greeks.

Friday of 25 August 2006: Tour in the valley Bumburet
In the morning we visited Kalashdur which was amazing. We went in Brun in order to see the work that Thanasis supervises. They completed the construction of the aqueduct of the village. In the afternoon we went up to Krakal, where we met Taj and Kesara. We returned at Brun in the night.

Saturday of 26 August 2006: Return to Chitral
Mertzanidis and me gave the food in excess that we had carried from the mountain to the women and the children of the village. We had coffe with the Greek volunteers and shaked hands. In the midday we reached Chitral. There I met Razaq in order to discuss with him the next missions. In the afternoon we met our driver to Islamabad.

Sunday of 27 August 2006: The long travel from Chitral to Islamabad
At 5:00 am we charged the mini-bus HIACE and left Chitral. The travel was pleasant without traffic. We had to delay several times because the street was beeing repared. We had lunch in Dir. We reached Islamabad in region G-9. We stayed in the hotel Al Khanan, in a fourbed room with 900 rupees.

Monday 28 August 2006: A view of Islamabad
We rested after a difficult travel. At 9:00 we rented a taxi in order to visit the city. We went to the bookshops and we had coffee. Then we went to the big pane Faisal Mosque

Tuesday 29 August 2006: Around Islamabad
The whole morning we were trying to send the bottle of oxygen in Greece. We finally cleaned it and took it empty in our baggages. arranged A car would ride us at 23:00 at the airport with 1000 rupees. With our taxi driver we went to the ethnologic museum Loc Versa. Then we went for a walk up to the hill above the museum. In the afternoon we returned to the hotel in order to rest. At 23:00 we waited for the car to the airport, but it did not appear. Finally we went to the airport with a truck and a taxi with 800 rupees. We waited there till morning.

Wednesday 30 August 2006: The flight back to Greece
In the check of the airport we hane been asked 10000 rupees moreover with the reason that the ticket had been bought before July. Finally we denied and they admitted to pass without paying. We departed at 5:45 and arrived at Bahrain. In the airport of Bahrain we had a beer. At 13:30 we landed in Athens where Ioanna was waiting with my car in order to charge the baggages. Mertzanidis and me continued to Trikala while Mihalis flew to Thessalonica and Danias returned to Agrinio. The night I arrived at my village Elati.

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