Pakistan 2006, Tirich Mir - Photo Album No 3

Tirich Mir Main 7708m

Dir Gol Zom 6778m

The highest point that we reach, 6249m, Mike Styllas

Nikolas Kroupis, the wall of Tirich Mir West in background

Looking west, the Hindukush mountain range

Concordia of Tirich Mir, Ghul Lasht Zom, from Babu Base Camp

Ghul Lasht Glacier

Ghul Lasht Zom East 6611m

Bivuac on Ghul Lasht Zom glacier 5460m

Ghul Lasht Zom Main 6665 and East 6611m, Mike

South Ice slopes of Ghul Lasht Zom East

Ghul Lasht Zom South 6400m

Mike Styllas, on Ghul Lasht Zom at about 6200m, The unclimbed peak SE 6100m

The huge crevanse, interrupt our route to summit (6200m)

Upper Tirich Mir Glacier

The Tirich Mir glacier, and valley

Back to Base Camp

Abdulhaly, our cooker is making tsapati

Avi Zom in background, photo taken from Babu Base Camp

One of the birds that hutted out porters near to BC

Nikos Danias is trying in speak with the local language

Prepering to leave from BC

Packing the equipments

Ready to leave from BC

A last view of Tirich Mir

Upper Tirich Mir glacier

Ghul Lasth Zom SE 6100m, East 6611m and NE 6361m

There are many lakes on the glacier

A long crevance in Lower Tirich Mir glacier

The enormous stream of the melting Tirich Mir glacier

Abdulhaly cooking the dinner in Sherniak

One of the porter

Last day of the trekking

The unclimbed Raghshur peak (6089m)

The path is going closed to the river, passing from rotten slopes

One of the porter fall in the river

A child in Bandok

Danias crossing the wooden bridge

Every children has its own slingshot

The unclimbed peak Kosht Zom 4760m, just up of Bandok
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