Pakistan 2006, Tirich Mir - Photo Album No 4

Loading the donkey

The path back to Shagrom

The only way to pass to the other side

A child in Shagrom village

A grader with his slingshot

Children in to the camping in Shagrom village

Returning by jeep to Chitral

A gas station

Buni valley

Peaks on the road to Kalash valleys

Bander in Boumbouret valley (Kalash)

Dancing in Ispata inn hotel (Boumbouret, Broon)

Kalashdur museum

Kalashdur museum

The great Cultural museum in Kalashdur

The houses of Kalash, Kalashdur museum

The wood carving school in Kalashdur

Outside Kalashdur

Jestahan, the temple of Kalash

A kalash girl

Krakal village, Boumbouret

The central square of Krakal village

Liana, Maria and Athanasios, the greek volunteers, are working hard every day

The bridge in Ayon, Chitral River

Abdulah, Razaq and Nikolas in the store of Razaq

Tirich Mir in the clouds

Lowari Pass 3118m check point, signing into the register book of the policeman
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