Pakistan  2007 - Expedition to Mountain Buni Zom 6551m
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Thursday 12 July 2007: The flight from Athens to Oman
The meeting of the team member was in international airport of Athens. We fly with Gulf Air to Bahrain where we change plane and we finally flight to Oman's capital Muscat. When we arrive in Muscat we get transit visa and we when by mini bus to Holiday Inn hotel few kilometres far from airport. Close to hotel, there were a few night clubs with live music. After the dinner we enter into the club where women dancers dancing for everybody who is giving money to them. Alcoholic drinks were selling in bar. We left when all of them close after 3 in the morning, such only 3 hours left for sleep.

Friday 13 July 2007: Flight from Oman to Islamabad and the trip up to Dir
We moved by bus from the hotel to airport of Muscat and we flight with Gulf air to Islamabad. The flight was delayed and finally we land in Islamabad at 12:00. Quite fast we pass through the check out in airport. Outside my cousin Panos and my friend Giannis (they arrive 2 days earlier) together with Abdul Razaq from Terichmir Travels waiting for us. Razaq from Chitral arrange our expedition from transportation up to Base Camp, because is the only one that know the area of Hindukush, since he have born and grow up the mountains of Hindukush. We load our luggage into to mini buses and at 14:00 we left from Islamabad. Outside of Islamabad we had an accident with car. The light were destroyed, even though the drivers the don't stop to tell who was responsible for the accident, like nothing is happening. After the long travel we reach Dir at 1500m where we overnight in Dir Hotel. We had dinner and we sleep, because we were very tired. The hotel had an internal yard with garden and we pay 400 rupees per double room per night.

Saturday 14 July 2007: From Dir to Chitral
At 8:00 we left from the hotel in Dir with 2 jeeps to Chitral. The road passes over Lowari Pass 3118m where we pass without stop in check points. This road is under consumption and there many landscapes. At spring time this year were a lot of snowfalls and we meet many time snow blocks on the road. At 14:00 we reach Chitral where we stay in Chinnar Inn hotel. Here we buy the last food and fruits and we had a reach dinner. Panos and Giannis follow us until Chitral and after they went to Kalash valley and they follow the silk road. The night ends with acrobatics from the member of the expedition into the garden of the hotel.

Sunday 15 July 2007: Driving from Chitral city to Rahman village
At 8 in the morning with 3 jeeps we left from Chitral going to the mountain. Near Chitral we stop for breakfast. We pass without to stop in the check points until Mastuj. The road was destroyed in many places. After 7 hours of trip we reach Rahman village. We stop in the school of Raham and we erect our tents in the yard of the school. Almost all the villagers appear to see what was happening here. Abdulah, Razaq's brother guide us and arrange everything, cookers and porters for the next day to Base Camp.

Monday 16 July 2007: Trekking from Rahman village to Base Camp (Kulakmali)
It was still night, we start trekking with 42 porters, 2 cookers a guide named Akbar and Abdulah. I stop in Pahrgam village in the house of my old friend Amir. I give few books to the children of the village and the offer me tea, butter and milk. After long time my friend appear in Phargam and continue trekking higher. Porters caught some donkeys and they load their loads to donkeys. We make a long stop for rest in Dher Shal area. On the trail we cross two huge streams one coming from Gordoghan glacier and another one from Khorabort glacier. At 14:30 we arrive in Kulakmali area at 3972 meters altitude where we place the Base Camp (BC). Here we pay the porters and we organize the camp, erecting our tents and arrange our equipment. Because of the high altitude, Stavros, Akis, George and Fani had acute mountain sickness, and slow acclimatization, having all day headaches.

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