Pakistan 2007 - Expedition to Mountain Buni Zom 6551m
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Thursday 2 August 2007: Return back to Phargam village
We start to pack our equipment in BC. Razaq tell the two Danish climbers that are not able to stay on the mountain after the accident. We stay very sad, because they came from too far and they have not the chance to try to climb a peak. All together we left from the summit. The day before many porters were appear in BC, because they know that tomorrow was the plan to leave from BC. The porters in the BC were not enough to carry all the staff and all of them were overloaded with more that 25 kilos. Few of them had 50 kilos each. They get the money depending of the load. When we reach the house of Amir in Phargam village at evening. The last porters arrive at the night. We sleep at the night in the yard of Amir's house.

Friday 3 August 2007: From Phargam back to Chitral
Police from Harchin came at Amir's house in the morning where we give the first statement. After few of us went to school of Phargam where we decide to give money to build a wall around the school and protect it. At 11:00 we leave from Phargam with 4 jeeps and going to Harchin village. We stop for many hours in Harchin police station where we give written statements about the accident. Here the chief warden from Mastuj came for the statements. Finally at night reach Chitral.

Saturday 4 August 2007: In Chitral's court
Dimitris, Razaq, Akbar and me spend all the morning in the court of Chitral. We give new statements and fill papers to many offices. First we pass through a court where they define that it was an accident. After many hours we finished in court and we visit the chief warden at the Chitral's police station. Here we had telephone communication with the Greek ambassador in Islamabad. At the afternoon we had a few time to spend in Chitral city.

Sunday 5 August 2007: From Chitral by plane to Peshawar and by bus to Islamabad
With jeeps we went to the airport of Chitral. The 45 minute flight with the new 50 seats plane to Peshawar was excellent Peshawar. At the same flight a young Kalash (named Eskander or Alexander) student who is studying in Thessaloniki speaks very well Greek. Eskander helps us to find a bus in Peshawar in order to travel to Islamabad. We found a bus 30 seat with low price that transport us to the capital (Islamabad) because the driver believe that we are from Afghanistan. We went to the Miraj hotel in Islamabad to spend the night. At the night we went in a restaurant with the Greek ambassador and we thank him for your help.

Monday 6 August 2007: Flight to Bahrain through Oman
At the free time that we had in Islamabad we visit the city of Islamabad. George and I visit the Greek embassy for some paper procedure for the accident. At 11:00 we were at the airport of Islamabad. At the airport we met an expedition to K2 from Czech Republic, one climber stand of the summit of K2. We flight to Muscat in Oman where we stay at for 5 hours and after we flight to Bahrain where we went to a hotel to stay at the night.

Tuesday 7 August 2007: From Bahrain to Athens
At 8:30 in the morning we where back to Bahrain's airport. We take the last flight that is going to Athens. Many friends and relatives are waiting for us at the airport. My cousin George came and picks me from the airport. This was and the end of the trip.

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