Pakistan 2007, Buni Zom - Photo Album No 1

Registration at the police station of Chitral

Istor-o-Nal mountain

The second highest peak of Buni Zom, Awi Zom 6484m, the 4000m of the north face

Buni Zom II and III and P6010

Awi Zom

The road to Rahman

Going to Rahman

The unclimbed peak Gordoghan Zom II 6048m, east face

The peak on the way to Shandur pass

Peaks south of Buni Zom

Women at Phargam village

Gordoghan Zom II

Gordoghan Zom II part a

Gordoghan Zom II part b

Amir's wife

Family of Amir, in Phargam village

Gordoghan Zom III and I

Gordoghan Zom III 6158m and I 6240m

Raman Zom

Gordoghan Zom III 6158m and I 6240m

I climbed Gordoghan Zom III, in summer of 2004

Gordoghan Zom group

Peaks of the group Chakoli

Kostas climbing the wall using the fixed ropes

Camp 1 4750m, Khoraborht glacier in background

Khoraborht glacier and Buni Zom South

Chakoli Zom II 5954m

Khoraborht glacier

Khoraborht Zom 5850m

The eastern peak of Chakoli group

Chakoli Zom I 6000m and II 5954m

On Khoraborht glacier, south part

Khoraborht Zom 5850m


Bun Zom Main south face

Camp 2, 5428m

Camp 2, 5428m

Nikolas at the camp 2

Our guide Akbar

Atta-u-Llah, the young cooker from Shagrom
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