In memory of our friend Vasili, who has been lost on the mountain

In memory of our friend Vasili, we are collecting money to support the construction of the school in Phargam. Moreover, we support the purchase books and workbooks to students and giving a salary aid to the teachers.

Everybody can help this exertion, giving the ability for education to the children of Phargam. Even a small amount of money of us, it is significant to Pakistan. Suggestively, with one euro can buy 5 workbooks for the students.

Phargam village is located in the foot of Buni Zom mountain on 3000 meters altitude. Phargam lacks of basic properties such as water supply, electricity and road. Because of their special religion, Phargam is not supported properly from the government of Pakistan. The school was build two years ago from a NGO (Non-Government Organization) and it is supported by the villagers. Such, in memory of our friend we support as much as possible the school of Phargam village.

Το σχολείο στο Phargam