Photo Album No 1

The team in Thessaloniki's airport, Theo, Mike, Loukas, Giannis, Dimitris, Irene, Manos, Nikolas, Vangelis and Nikolas

Djantugan peak 3483m from our camping

Kashkatash peak 4280m

Peak Djantugan 3483m

Elbrus into the clouds

Kashkatash glacier

Ice climbing in Kashkatash glacier

Ice climbing in Kashkatash glacier

Kurmychi peak in the right

Climbing to steep slopes of Kurmychi, the valley of Djantugan sport center in background

Kashkatash glacier

Nikolas on the path to Kurmychi camp

Elbrus from Kurmychi camp, Nikolas

Djantugan 3483m and the steep peak 4162m, 4280m

Trapezioum, Free Spain and Kashkatash peaks

On VCSPS Pass 3693m, Mike, Loukas and Nikolas

Iceclimbing on the west face of Kurmychi, 500m, 2B

MNR peak 3870m, Mike, Theo and Irene climb the normal but difficult route 300m, V+

Titopoulos on the west face of Kurmychi, 3rd pitch

Loukas on 6th pitch

Vangelis and Dimitris on the last part of west face of Kurmychi

Nikolas on 7th pitch

The west face of Kurmychi 40-55 degrees

Kurmychi 4045m, Giannis, Nikolas and Manos almost on the summit

Nikolas in the peak north of Kurmychi 4030m

On Kurmychi 4045m Manos, Nikolas, Giannis and Nikolas

MNR peak 3870m, photo taken from Kurmychi

Kurmychi camp, 3275m

View from the road to Elbrus


Waiting the cable car

Going up with cable-car

The second cable car

Taking the lift we reach the barrel refuge

On barrels refuge 3623m

Trekking from barrels refuge to Priut

Elbrus mountain

Acclimatization, climbing until Pastukov rocks

View from refuge, Ushba in background

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