Photo Album No 2

A sea of clouds

Looking southeast from refuge, 4060m

6:20 in the morning, summit day

Ushba is an amazing peak

Nikolas and Vaggelis at the altitude of 5000m

Traversing the Elbrus East going to the col

On the col 5300m, Nikolas

Dimitris Titopoulos on the col

The last meter before the West summit 5642m

Nikolas on the top of Europe, Elbrus 5642m

Ebrus East 5621m

Elbrus 5642, Nikolas

Nikolas and Dimitris

Nikolas and Dimitris

Nikolas, Dimitris and Vangelis on the summit of Elbrus

Nikolas, Dimitris and Vangelis on the summit of Elbrus

Ushba from the summit

Elbrus East 5621m

The west view

Looking south

Elbrus East 5621m, Nikolas

Caucasus mountain range

Nikolas, Vangelis and Dimitris on Elbrus East 5621m

Nikolas after the hand-spring on Elbrus East

Elbrus West from photo taken from East peak

A stop on the route back from Elbrus East

Vangelis, Dimitris and Nikolas outside of the refuge

The toilet of the refuge is the most dangerous place of the normal route to Elbrus

Outside of the refuge

View from Terksol village

Ushba glacier

Nikolas on Ushba glacier, trekking to camp 1

A spectacular peak, photo taken from camp 1

Ushba and Ushba icefall

Victor on Camp 1


Climbing the Ushba's icefall

The icefall has many crevansses

Roped 5 climbers together we cross the icefall

Crossing a cravens over a dangerous bridge
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